On Compromising

When trying to break into the literary sphere where and what should you compromise, if anything?

Well, firstly though it may seem like compromising it may just be becoming more flexible, or branching out. Writing in different genres, perhaps in genres we’re not 100% comfortable with brings it’s challenges, as well as probably, fear. I think the process of writing something new is exciting, it helps us to explore our potential as writers. And the craft of writing poses risks anyway, such as: is this piece going to sell? is it well written? can I improve this before I send it out? I don’t necessarily think it’s a good idea to pigeon hole ourselves to one genre or style of writing, yes we can specialise in a particular area but being open is a trait a writer should really advocate.

Writing for free: good idea or bad idea? Writing for free does have it’s drawback of-course, I’m not denying that. Isn’t it better though, to be published somewhere even if it was for free? Surely it’s better to be published somewhere rather than nowhere? I’ll admit this is a new attitude for me as I know understand it’s necessity. It is a building block. So this is my new plan: to get as much of my writing out there as possible, and see where it takes me.