Out with the old and in with the new


Well as the title suggests this blog post is about change. Change is an important aspect of our everyday lives, if we embrace it we can move forward and if we ignore it we face the possibilty of being stuck in a rut, or living in the past. Some changes are easier to embrace than others, but is all change good? We’re told to believe that accepting change is healthy. If this is the case then why do some changes leave us feeling a little worse for the where?

Having always been financially independant, starting my own business: writing, has left me having to deal with change i’m not all that comfortable with. And that change is money. Why is it that money leaves a lot of people (me included) trapped in a fog of pride and/or resentment. Why is it that money is so important? We are told from a young age that money can’t buy happiness and the best things in life are free. Is this really the case? Ask yourself this: what do I enjoy doing most of all? It may be spending time with family/friends, but is this activity really free? My family don’t live really close by, so everytime I consider seeing them I have to factor in the costs of transport. See what I mean?

Another new challenge i’ve found myself facing is finding motivation. When I  first started writing as a job I was thoroughly enthused, but lately I have found myself lacking motivation, which is terrible. I’m doing what I’ve always dreamt of doing, so why should there be problems?  The answer is this: nothing in life is easy. I have to force myself to be motivated. And my impatience really doesn’t help! 🙂


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