Where do you find creative inspiration?

Simple answer: Everywhere!

The most useful creative inspiration as awful as it sounds, is through heartache. When people have let me down or hurt me it changes me in such a way that I want to write about it. I will include how I felt in certain circumstances to explore a character’s feelings in another. Having experienced heartache makes us better equipt to write about it. As the old saying goes ‘write what you know’.

Frustration at people, there’s another source of creative inspiration. How people act to really get my back up helps me to create the ‘baddies’ if you will. But of-course in fiction they are taken to the extreme. In situations where I’m frustrated when I look back on it I find myself asking the question ‘What would have happened if? and ‘What has driven this person to act in such a way?’ and then the imagination does the rest.

Another old saying goes ‘happiness writes white’, in other words people generally aren’t interested in reading about people that are happy and have no problems, because, well, to be honest where’s the story? Stories are often centred around a character facing a specific problem.

I’m also certain that there’s some kind of theraputical advantage in doing this too.


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  1. margaretanngrant
    Jan 13, 2012 @ 22:24:33

    Glad to find you and read your blog. Keep writing, whatever else happens in your life.


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