The Wheel Turns


So, on to the meeting: it went well. My business advisor was very happy with the progress I had made on my business plan, and with my market research. He is trying to get me signed up to an event called ‘Bedroom to Boardroom’ which is all about social media and business which sounds very useful! I’ve also been given some homework: to look into other writing contributions such as article writing and content writing for websites. And to comprise a list of all the costs involved in my business such as: postage, paper, ink etc and most importantly time and how I am going to pay myself.

Happily though I now feel free to write. I’ve written a short story today, in a genre I’m not familiar with to be honest but really enjoyed writing. The genre is fiction but aimed at an older audience, it has to focus on people and be heartwarming, and hopefully I’ve done that.

My plans for tomorrow are to find a publication for the short story I’ve now edited from last week, and see if I can find some others I have too and find publications for those.

It feels lovely to be able to write freely. This is definitely what I want to do and I really hope I can make a success of it. I’ve given myself a target of 6 months to see if the business can support itself.

Onwards and upwards!


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