Hello world! And so it begins…

It begins with what? With research. Lots and lots of research. I am now looking at all the different markets that I feel I can contribute to. Where is my writing best suited? How can I adapt my writing without compromising it? These are the questions that i’m now answering, or at least, attempting to. I am also getting together story ideas ready to start writing. This is exciting but also daunting. I think that sometimes the idea of doing something is actually worse than doing the thing itself. When I was at university and was faced with essay questions to prepare I would almost always start panicing, but then the more material I got together the more prepared I felt, and then the less nervous I became about writing so I am hoping that this process will be similar to that. I am aiming to get a short story, of around 1200-2000 words done in draft form by the end of the day. And a lot lot lot more reading and research done too! I also believe that confidence accounts for a lot in terms of success. Enid Blyton and J K Rowling were turned down by many publishers before they got their book deals. I think that if you are willing to work hard and believe in yourself then you can achieve anything.

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  1. Jenk Cole (@JenkCole)
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 12:10:16

    Yep! Preparation is the key to any project! It’s like doing a presentation at uni – the more you know about the subject, the less of a chump you’ll feel talking about it in front of people!

    Keep working hard! You’re on to a winner! 😉

    J-bird x


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